Top Sunglasses Ideas For Women With Round Face 40
Top Sunglasses Ideas For Women With Round Face 40

30+ Top Sunglasses Ideas For Women With Round Face

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Round faces are beautiful and attractive. There are many face shapes such as square and heart which have more defined features and they are equally as stunning and aesthetically pleasing. However, if you have a round face you know that they are probably some of the most gorgeous in the world. Some people dislike their round faces because they feel it makes them look like they have a “baby face.” However, as we age, a “baby face” becomes a good thing and not such a problem.

Now, obviously, all people’s faces are generally round. The face shapes we often hear about are not literal. You may have a round one but that doesn’t mean you have one like a bowling ball. By the same token, a heart shaped face is not a Valentine shaped face. So, with all of that said, how do you know whether you have a round one? Take a look in the mirror. They are full and do not have strong lines and angles. People with round faces do not have pointy chins or high cheekbones. It’s just as it sounds: Round faces are circles. They are quite cherubic and many famous and gorgeous people have this face shape. Stars like Cameron Diaz, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kirsten Dunst all have stunning round faces that give them character and allow them to look youthful and vibrant.

There is nothing to hide about a circular, full face. However, when choosing glasses, those with round faces do not want to exaggerate the fullness of their face. They want to add to contrast and make the face look thinner and longer, or at least not any ROUNDER. Your face already has natural curves, the goal is to give it some angles.

Sunglasses FOR Round Faces
Keep this simple rule in mind: Look for frames that are wider than they are tall. This gives the illusion of a more narrow facial shape. Prints, colors and other embellishments are also a great way to add contrast to the face. The more contrast you create, the more defined the face will appear. Larger frames will also make it seem thinner and sleeker. Also, keep an eye out for thicker bridges (the piece that rests on the nose) as they will draw attention up and away from very circular cheeks.

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