Gorgeous New Years Eve Hairstyles Ideas For Women 29
Gorgeous New Years Eve Hairstyles Ideas For Women 29

20+ Gorgeous New Years Eve Hairstyles Ideas For Women

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Annually, the best hairstyles are identified at the beginning of the year to be able to make everyone aware of the new trends in hair styling. A lot of people consider the start of the New Year as a time to make changes in themselves. Sporting a new haircut works all the time. Short Hairstyles is surprisingly included in the hairstyles for 2013 list as one of the best cuts. Some of the best styles definitely come in shorter packages.

What are the different styles included in the short hairstyles for 2013?
The Pixie cut. Cut ultra short, the pixie cut takes Audrey Hepburn as its icon. For a person who has a square, oval, or even a heart- shaped face, this cut will look best and will work great even to those who have wavy and thick manes. People who have a long shaped face are not recommended to have this cut because it has a tendency to further elongate the face.

The Pompadour or the faux hawk. Superstars Pink and Miley Cyrus really have it going on for sporting this hairdo. This cut works for all types of faces. It only takes a huge amount of confidence and boldness to make it work.

The simple Bob. Short hairstyles for 2013 will not be complete without this cut. The short and simple bob is an elegant hairstyle that simply accentuates even those who have round shaped faces. It is no wonder that it is included in the top hairstyles for 2013 list as it makes someone look adorable even in its simplicity. It also gives anyone that fresh look that is always associated with a simple bob cut.

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