Cute Dress Ideas For New Years Eve Party You Must To Try 37
Cute Dress Ideas For New Years Eve Party You Must To Try 37

30+ Cute Dress Ideas For New Years Eve Party You Must To Try

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Now that the office party has officially been unwrapped, your thoughts are probably turning to the next big party date in your Christmas calendar – your New Year or Hogmanay Celebrations. Here at Semichem we’ve got some fantastic beauty tips to help you prepare for one of the biggest nights of the year without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re partying with friends or family, welcoming in the next 12 months is the perfect occasion to dress up to the max and crank up the va-va-voom factor. Why not get extra glamorous and experiment with a brand new look? It is a New Year you’re about to welcome in after all!

Hopefully you’ve decided what outfit you’re going to wear and perhaps even have selected your accessories and shoes. Whatever your choice, now is a great time to turn your thoughts to your New Year beauty plans. From pre-party preparation advice, to on the day beauty ideas – read on to make sure you’re the belle of the New Year ball.

Before the big night-
Get your skin in tip-top condition by paying it a little bit extra attention in the run up to your big night. Buying a good body scrub, such as Simple Exfoliating Body Wash for £1.79 for 250ml, or just £2.00 for two bottles, will work wonders on your skin and give you arms and legs you’ll be happy to show off. It’s also a great base to apply your fake tan to. Just take a bottle into the shower with you and exfoliate the product into your damp skin for ‘as good as new’ results. Also treat yourself to a good moisturiser and slather it on after your daily shower for baby soft skin. Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion at £1.49 for 200ml is practically a steal.

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