Elegant Christmas Long Hairstyles To Try This Time 51
Elegant Christmas Long Hairstyles To Try This Time 51

20+ Elegant Christmas Long Hairstyles To Try This Time

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So you’ve wanted different long hairstyles since way back in the day when your mom made you sport the pixie cut every year until you were thirteen? Well, you’re in luck. Long hairstyles are very in this year for any hair type, from straight to curly and even thin to thick. When you sport long hairstyles, it’s important to keep it up and looking and feeling healthy.

Most importantly with long hairstyles, you have to prevent breakage which can cause fly-aways and unsightly layers that you didn’t want to begin with. This process is whatever you make it; a few simple changes to your habits can make it an easy and fun process.

First step to preventing hair breakage is conditioning. When you condition your hair, try and find a strengthening shampoo and conditioner set, which many different brands offer. With long hairstyles you have to leave your conditioner on for at least 60 seconds, this way the conditioner really gets to the roots and scalp keeping your hair soft and healthy.

It is also important, especially with long hair since most people with long hairstyles become so tempted to throw their hair up with a ponytail holder, that you only use holders with no metal. You can find these in the hair care section at most any store, even the dollar store! Just make sure to never use the ponytail holders with the little metal part on them; it can rip your hair out causing more unsightly breakage.

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