Stunning Christmas Party Outfits Ideas You Need To Copy 47
Stunning Christmas Party Outfits Ideas You Need To Copy 47

30+ Stunning Christmas Party Outfits Ideas You Need To Copy

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Do you find that the Christmas approaches with such rapidness that before you know it, the work Christmas Party is only a week away and you have nothing to wear? There are a lot of party dresses out there in every colour and shape and length you can imagine and with only a week to go, how are you going to find time to try them all on?

Here are a few tips to steer you in the right direction. By following a few simple rules you can narrow down the style, colour and length of the dress you are looking for, by eliminating the ones that won’t suit you, thus saving a great deal of time. Firstly consider your height and the shape of your legs. Never have a hemline that finishes at the widest part of you leg, it will only make your calves look bigger. If you are small in height a very full dress will overpower you and nobody will notice YOU.

Secondly consider your colouring. Black really only suits “deep” , “clear” or “cool” women so if you are “light”, “warm” or “soft” you would be much better in other colours. A pale blue or pink will suit a “light”, gold or warm red will suit a “warm” and a soft burgundy or teal will suit a “soft”.

Thirdly consider your body shape. If you have a lovely curvy hourglass figure choose a soft fabric such as silk or chiffon for your dress. If you have a straight or athletic body, choose a fabric which is a stiffer, such as taffeta or linen mix. If you are a classic triangle, you may find buying a dress a challenge. You may be better with a skirt and jacket in the same fabric so they have the appearance of a dress but you can buy a different size for the top and bottom half of your body. If you have a round body, so you carry your weight around your body, you too may be better in separates. A fitted skirt to show of your neat hips and bottom, teamed with a soft flowing top or jacket.

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