Trendy Striped Dress Ideas For Fall Season 42
Trendy Striped Dress Ideas For Fall Season 42

20+ Trendy Striped Dress Ideas For Fall Season

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You can really go two ways with a tiger costume – really scary, or really, really cuddly. And to be honest, it’s usually the cuddly way! Everyone loves a big, lovable, cuddly tiger fancy dress costume, and whether you’re getting geared up for a Halloween party or just any other fancy dress party you’re sure to be a big hit if you go as a tiger.

The roaring king of the jungle (well, maybe the lion is king for some, but for me it’s the tiger) is the best animal to dress up as just because tigers are so colorful. Here are three ideas that should help you choose your costume:

This really is the deluxe of tiger fancy dress – the full body suit. If you can find one of these you want one with every detail dealt with – from the huge scary or friendly head and jaws (where your eyes should be peering out of), right to the end of your paws and feet.

The whole body needs to be covered in the orange, white and black stripes of the tiger – except the chest, nose and paws of course. The best of these costumes are so much fun. The best thing about them is that unless you choose to reveal yourself, no one knows who’s inside them! You can roar and bumble about all you like, and no one will be the wiser.

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