Latest Medium Hairstyles Ideas For Girl 40
Latest Medium Hairstyles Ideas For Girl 40

30+ Latest Medium Hairstyles Ideas For Girl

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Medium hairstyles are some of the easiest to deal with. They give women the versatility of long hair without all the time and effort spent to make the hair look nice.

Medium hairstyles are those that hit just below the ear to just below the shoulders. Let’s look at some popular medium styles of the moment.

The bob is a popular medium hairstyle that’s been popular for many years. Call it the most timeless of the medium haircuts. Perhaps the best aspect of the bob is it can be somewhat short (chin length or even shorter) or it can be longer, hitting the shoulders.

The bob usually involves bangs (and then a straight style to the shoulders or wherever the hair hangs), or it can be all one length. Sometimes hairstylists will give no bangs, but will frame the hair around the face rather than leave it all one length.

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