Stunning Fashion Ideas To Wear Skinny Jeans 41
Stunning Fashion Ideas To Wear Skinny Jeans 41

30+ Stunning Fashion Ideas To Wear Skinny Jeans

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Everywhere you look today people are wearing skinny jeans; they really are in the number one fashion spot. If you really want to look great in jeans then you need to wear the right kind of tops and accessories to really accentuate this high fashion item. Womens Skinny Jeans looks great when you team your jeans with a crisp white shirt, better still if the shirt is long and worn outside the jeans with a belt around the middle.

The main thing that you need to bear in mind when you wear skinny pants is balance, when you are wearing skin tight jeans they often look better with a loose or bulky top. You can dress up skinny pants for evening wear if you team them with a pretty chemise and put a waterfall cardigan over the top – and don’t forget the high heels.

There is no getting away from the fact that skinny pants look much better worn with either boots or high heels. If you are going to wear a bulky, loose sweater with your jeans then boots would be a good match. You can wear ankle boots or long boots with skinny jeans, but the jeans are best tucked inside long boots. In the summer a peasant type top with puff sleeves and a low, round neck is an ideal mate to go with your skinny jeans and in the winter they look just as good worn with a short sweater dress.

If you want to wear your jeans with a jacket then wear either a loose blazer that just skims your hips or wear a short fitted jacket, remember you are trying to achieve a balanced look when you wear skinny jeans. When you wear a large top it helps to accentuate your hips and legs in the jeans. Make sure that you buy well fitting skinny pants, if they are too tight and you have bulges, or they are too loose and hang on you, then you will have spoiled the effect. A pair of well fitting skinny jeans, especially when worn with a pair of killer heels, looks very sexy.

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