Latest Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women 37
Latest Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women 37

30+ Latest Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women

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Many women are inking their bodies these days. Apart from finding the amazing and creative artwork, more women are now choosing unique body spots to ink, and behind the ear tattoos are becoming popular. Unlike the face tattoo, you can easily cover up the ear emblem with your long hair when you don’t want to show it. If there is a concern about exposing your tattoo at the workplace or in school, this will be a good body spot to consider.

Tattoos in this area are usually small, but the designs can be very attractive. There are almost unlimited choices you can use for such a small area. You can have a feminine and cute design or tough and gothic style artwork. Some of the popular behind the ear tattoos for females are the astrological symbols, stars, birds, hearts, flowers, cartoons and butterflies. You can also consider to have someone’s name permanently attached behind your ear to signify a close relationship.

Everyone has a different pain threshold. Some people find inking an ear tattoo is tolerable and hardly bled, while others find it painful as this area has less fat padding in between the skull bone and the skin. You may feel uncomfortable when the needles hit the bone. However, it is a very short process as behind the ear tattoos only occupy a very small space.

As ear tattoos will have more exposure to sunlight, you may want to cover your design with sun block lotion to prevent the symbol from changing color or fading. Since behind the ear tattoo is highly visible when you want to show it, you should find a design which impress you or has significance to you. For women who are on top of the latest fashion and tattoo trend, you can consider dying your hair, getting your nose pierced and having your behind ear inked.

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