Flawless Mermaid Makeup Ideas For Halloween 49
Flawless Mermaid Makeup Ideas For Halloween 49

20+ Flawless Mermaid Makeup Ideas For Halloween

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When you have to go to a fancy dress party you will want to make sure that you look amazing and one of the best things you can go as is a mermaid & mermaid costumes are easily found so that you can do this. There are some things about wearing a mermaid costume that just make you feel sexy and pretty. You feel magical for that evening and hopefully you can get people to vote you as the best dressed.

When you look at a mermaid you have to put together an outfit with a bikini top or sexy top and then a tail. Now obviously it is impossible to walk around and dance at your party wearing a full on mermaid’s tail, but you can create the same effect using a tight long skirt that is made from shimmery fabric and onto it you should have a fanned out tail part. This can almost be like a train that comes off the back of the skirt.

To make this look less like a skirt and more like a tail, you should blend the waistband into your skin by using some clever make up techniques. You can make sure the waistband of the skirt is more fitted onto your hips and then use the same color body paint as the skirt to paint some scales onto your skin. These should start fading as they get to your waist where it will then blend with your skin color.

The next part of making your costume a hit is to use a long wig that is tousled and messy. In it you should add strands of shimmery thread, braids in all different colors, as well as things from the ocean like shells and coral. On your head be sure to wear a special tiara to be the mermaid princess!

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