Hottest College Halloween Costumes For A Party 55
Hottest College Halloween Costumes For A Party 55

20+ Hottest College Halloween Costumes For A Party

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When Johnny Depp portrayed the Mad Hatter in the Alice in Wonderland movie, he ended up creating a character that has his own sense of absurd charm that people instantly grew to liking him. It is because of that, the Mad Hatter costume remains an absolute favorite of most people – especially for college Halloween costumes. Take a few moments to consider the choices you will have for this great costume.

One of the first things you will notice is the trademark hat and fiery orange hair from beneath it. This adds to the appearance of the character from the film and you will want to note the pattern on the hat that appears to have been finely stitched into the soft material. That makes it appear exquisite and rather expensive.

The vest of the Mad Hatter costume is a brown velvet style. This combined with the characteristic tie helps the costume to begin to come together. Almost clown like in nature; you are going to find that most people will agree that this adds a fun depth to the costume that people will end up talking about.

For the bottoms, a purple striped almost pajama like design is used. This is then embroidered with some unique designs that do help to complete this costume. This makes it a well-rounded choice if you are looking for a Mad Hatter costume that can feel complete and comfortable for your college Halloween costume party.

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