Latest Brunette Hairstyles Ideas For Lovely Women 20
Latest Brunette Hairstyles Ideas For Lovely Women 20

20+ Latest Brunette Hairstyles Ideas For Lovely Women

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Who is the dark-haired girl? This is not the opening line to some crime noir pulp fiction novel, it’s more like the sort of rhetorical questions those anthropological ‘movie stars’ on National Geographic would ask, yet, not as profound as such questions like ‘Why are we here?’ or ‘Which came first, the egg or Madonna?

I was talking to some friends about the 50’s movie classic Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring timeless blonde pinup Marilyn Monroe and based upon the novel and play by Anita Loos. Some knew it, some didn’t, everyone loved the title and then I had to go and mention the sequel.

But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes starred Jean Russell and Jeanne Crain and played up on the many cliched virtues of Monroe’s dark-haired counterparts. The ‘But’ was dropped by the studio but not by my friends. A small debate now began, an age-old battle, blondes versus brunettes but the way some carry on it’s more like the epic struggle of good versus evil.

‘A blonde and a brunette walk into a job interview…” We all waited for the blonde joke, apparently there wasn’t going to be one; my friend was talking fact, not fiction.

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