Fashionable Baggy Pants For Women You Musy Know 52
Fashionable Baggy Pants For Women You Musy Know 52

30+ Fashionable Baggy Pants For Women You Musy Know

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Unfortunately it is a fact that many fashion designers tailor their patterns for people of above average height. While this may make commercial sense, it creates issues for people of shorter stature, who may find it hard to find clothes that suit them. This is a problem affecting all shorter people, both male and female, and it shows itself when short people go shopping. Having found a nice-looking pair of pants, a short person goes to the changing room, tries them on, and then wonders why the pants don’t look good. Repeated unhappy experiences of this type can make shorter people want to give up on fashion, which is understandable, but in reality there are strategies to deal with the problem. Read on for some tips on the subject:

One aspect of clothes design that can create problems for smaller people is the use of stripes. It is a fact that stripes arranged vertically are more flattering for short people than horizontal stripes, so this should be borne in mind. Better still, avoid stripes completely and go for plainer designs, preferably in darker colors like black, navy blue, and brown. Such darker tones will have the effect of making the wearer look somewhat taller.

When it comes to the cut of pants, there are some styles that should be avoided, because of their unflattering effects on those of lesser height. Flares are one such; another is relaxed fit, or baggy cut. None of these will do much for a short person. Also not recommended are pleated-front pants, which tend to exaggerate the apparent size of the hips and thighs. By far the best style of pants for short people is the so-called regular fit or straight leg style. This creates a slim silhouette that will make short men and women seem that little bit taller.

By the way, it is not just about the clothes themselves but how they are worn. For example, short men should tuck their shirts into the waistband of their pants. This creates a slimmer effect. Similarly, avoid covering up your neck, and wear an open-neck shirt instead.

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