Attractive Watercolor Nails Art Ideas That Looks Cool 38
Attractive Watercolor Nails Art Ideas That Looks Cool 38

30+ Attractive Watercolor Nails Art Ideas That Looks Cool

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You have just purchased an original water color or fine art print. The artist has assured you that the work was produced using paints with high light fastness ratings or archival inks on 100% cotton rag paper. However, to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment from your new purchase and to maintain its value the art must also be properly framed.

Whether you plan to have the artist frame your art, go to a frame shop or do it yourself you need to understand the requirements for archival framing. Unless you are prepared to accept fading and discoloration of your art you should insist on archival framing.

Watercolors, gouache, and to a lesser extent printing inks will fade if not protected from UV rays. Moisture can damage the paper on which your art work was created. Acid from wooden frames and paper mats can burn the paper causing discoloration and brittleness. Improper attachment of the art work to a backing board can cause discoloration or make it very difficult to re-frame a piece without damage.

Works of art on paper should be framed using UV-filtering glass or plexi-glass to prevent fading. I prefer UV-filtering glass because it is less expensive than plexi-glass, plexi-glass scratches easily and attracts dust due to static.

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